Levee Improvements

Our levees meet the federal requirement for 100-year flood protection. Our plan is to provide 200-year flood protection.

Emergency Preparedness

We'd like to think "it can't happen here,"  but those living on or near levees will always face some risk. If disaster strikes, are you ready?

Willow Lake

Willow Lake is scheduled for aquatic weed treatment annually. Notices and updates are posted on our Willow Lake page.

What is RD800?

Reclamation District 800 is responsible for the operation and maintenance of nearly 19 miles of levees protecting 7,000 acres of agricultural, urban, commercial and industrial land in Byron Tract.

You'll find us in Contra Costa County, approximately 20 miles west of Stockton and 60 miles east of San Francisco. The land is bordered by the Italian Slough on the south, Old River on the east and Indian Slough on the north. Portions of Highway 4 are within our boundaries.

Free Rock Rip Rap

Discovery Bay residents that are on deep water or Willow Lake are eligible to receive free rock for the slopes at the rear of their property.

The rock is free, it's the homeowners' job to place it or to have it placed, the District will drop the rock in the driveway.