Levee Improvements


For nearly 100 years, our district has effectively maintained and improved levees to reduce flood risk for our community. In a recent community survey, some residents said they wanted more information about our projects and activities. Many know that we deliver free rock upon request for rock slope maintenance, but they aren’t quite sure how we spend the rest of our time. We’re the strong but silent type.

Currently, our levees meet the federal requirement for 100-year flood protection. Our long-term plan is to provide 200-year flood protection to our community. Engineering analyses are currently underway to determine what fixes are needed to achieve a higher level of flood protection.

We’ve detailed some of our past, current and planned work below. Please contact us if you have any questions. We’re glad you’re interested!

Dry Land Levee

This 3-mile stretch of levee extends along the south-western border of the district's boundary.Technical studies showed that 4,000 feet of the levee needed additional height to meet federal guidelines. Nearly $2 million in improvements to this levee have been completed.

Ag Levee

Thanks to years of aggressive maintenance this levee meets guidelines for 100-year certification.

Urban Levee

We added additional height to roughly 500-1,000 feet of this levee to meet federal guidelines.